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Oldtimers 11th Vossenrit Images

Oldtimer at 11th Vossenrit 2009

11th Vossenrit 2009

Poor old Balt was injured, and could not take his aged FIAT out. So we participated in the Vossenrit, organized by Jack Lambrichs, on September 21, 2009 for fun.

The start in Zutendaal, and then leading through the hills of Netherlands and Belgian Limburg/Limbourg. We really had pleasuere in making a full series of 429 photos of the happy lot, the fanatics, the casual drivers. It was a wonderful happening that lovely day.

The images are copied to the Oldtimer Web of Belgium, so have a look.

In case you are interested buying in the full series on a CD, pse contact the photographer.

The nex Vossenrit will be held on September 19, 2010, as was told by Jack Lambrichs.