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Website about adventures on Via Mansuerisca - Limburgerstraat

A website for SMEs on the Via Mansuerisca, the ancient Roman road between Maastricht, Limbourg and Trier.

The Roman Empire of that time, had many roads.... leading all to Rome of course.

Via Mansuerisca is a Roman road between the settlements Maastricht / Aachen and Trier.
As the historians found out would the Via Mansuerisca at least have passed through s-Gravenvoeren, Baelen, Sankt-Vith and Bitburg. Today one projects the Via Mansuerisca through three countries,Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, where also an equal number of official languages are used. In the Netherlands was the Via Mansuerisca centuries later also named Limburgerstraat, Oestlingerstraat or Limborgerstraet. It is the action area where you have to locate the adventures.

Building websites for individuals and organisation has been part of my professional work, abroad, in Latin America and Africa and here in the Netherlands. These ICT experiences and skills are used as a basis for the (re-)institutionalisation or (re-)organisation of individual businesses (ZZP), SMEs (MKB), TVETs (HBO) and universities communication possibilities.
Internet Technologies are thus taken as a means to get a consensus between all involved in a change process.
These experiences, and my interest applying websites as a basis to implement organizational changes, I use this "personal project" as training ground. It is personal, because up to now there is no organization that also puts money and/or efforts.


The challenge of this project is to bring together individuals and small companies on a marketing oriented website for the promotion of their regional products. In fact one can see similar situations in some African countries where many languages and tribes co-exist in a region, economical and socially very much dependant from each other.

The Via Mansuerisca website was created, offering leisure traveller information Roman Style, for hikers, cyclists and mobile (old timers) owners. The Via Mansuerisca participants in the website project are invited to present their (regional) products on their own personal web page of the site.

The basic principle is that each member has her/his own page(s), that can be maintained, add/change text and refer to the own business. Internet search engines must feast on such a diverse range of information …

As for now, a few pioneers are participating in the project. You will understand that this message is also to convince you to join...
Join with an own page and promote your business, make a link (and back) to your own website and enlarge your network for the search engines. Contribute in content telling about your interest in the region of Via Mansuerisca.
Those who do not yet own or manage a website will be guided by a professional in making an own webpage.
As for me I know that I can learn a lot from you, and that for you there is no financial reason in not participating.....

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Contact the Webmaster for joining the site.